Meet the herd

Meet Dan

Dan has been ethically training and rehabilitating horses and ponies for many years. This passion was born from being part of the equine world, riding, competing and teaching. As his discomfort with their treatment grew, Dan set out to change his approach to horses, educate others and reach out to involve the local community

“Horses have influenced my life for many years and have become my family and often my salvation. Having experienced much pain and suffering in my own life and after countless extraordinary experiences, I’m rewarded in my later years with inheriting wondrous equines and people. Our herd teaches others to share respect, strength and kindness to all living things”

Dan would like to share more of his story with you and hopes that it will help show how important kindness, care and safety is to all beings and can change all aspects of our life.

meet the Horses

All of our 13 horses have their own story to tell. They all have their own place in the herd, their own amazing personalities and their own unique way of connecting with people. They are all evidence that rehabilitation is possible and that with freedom, choice and kindness we can all find our own place in the world. 

You can become a sponsor to support our horses and our work. You can also adopt one of our ponies to receive a beautiful portrait and a certificate telling you all about them














Shetland Pony


The ethical treatment of horses

Here are some of the strategies that we adopt with our horses and some further reading.

  • Barefoot – none of our horses wear horse shoes. They are all seen by our farrier every 12-16 weeks to check their hoof health. You can find our more about the benefits of going ‘barefoot’ by visiting the barefoot magazines facebook page here 
  • Bitless – we never use bits on our lead ropes and whilst we don’t ride our horses without their consent, when we do, we never use a bit. We hope that more riders will discover the benefits of bitless riding for kinder horse control. You can find out more about bitless horse bridles here 
  • Stables – Our horses live naturally in a herd, they scratch each others itches and they swot each others flies! Horses are herd animals and are happier together than stabled apart. 
  • Consent – Where ever the horses in our herd came from, with us they are treated with kindness. We learn to read their signals so they learn they have a choice. Some love to groom and hugged, some do not. Some love going for walks, some do not. Some love having a rider on their back, some do not. By learning these signals we can ensure that none of our horses are forced to do anything they don’t want to. We hope to share that message with our local community and beyond.