Choose a Gift for the Herd

Choose a Gift for the Herd

Why not gift something the herd need?

We'll send you a lovely thank-you letter which you can keep or gift to a loved one.

All these donations go towards  keeping our herd happy, healthy and available to all who need us.

A bag of carrots - all of our horses LOVE a carrot (or two!)

Herb balls - these are full of natural ingredients such as garlic, coconut oil, linseed and rosehip, that help keep the herb healthy

A farrier visit - only some of our horses can tolerate the farrier but those that can, get seen every 12 weeks. It costs £25 per horse.

A vet visit - sadly we do sometimes need to call the vet out to check on one of the herd, it maybe an infected tick bite or a poorly hoof. A call out is £40

The equine dentist - some of the herd, especially Poppy as she gets older, need regular visits from the dentist. These visits cost £90
£1.45 (shipping)