welcome to our gift shop

Here are a range of gifts you can buy our herd on behalf of a loved one (or for yourself!) that will help our herd stay happy & healthy and keep our community project available to all who need us. The recipient will receive a thank-you letter from the herd for the gift.


Girl feeding a pony
framed paintings of horses
certificate and horse picture

Adopt a Pony £25

Gift the recipient a certificate and a beautiful print of their horse

horse eating snack

Herb Balls £10

Gift a weeks worth of herb balls for one of our herd, they eat 2 a day each!

Girl feeding a pony

Pony Snack £5

A big bag of tasty root vegetable treats  for our equines

Farrier Visit £25

A farrier visit for one of our herd to keep their hooves trimmed

Vet Visit £40

This will pay for a check up or visit from our lovely local vet

Horse with mouth open

Equine Dentist £90

Poppy especially needs regular dentist visits as she gets older


We also have merchandise available to buy, we receive between 5 & 10% of the price and it helps to spread our message. We are fully in support of the #30wears campaign. Visit our merchandise shop here

Pink Hoodie
Horse Tote Bag
Blue T Shirt

Our incredibly talented herd artist Vicky paints portraits of our herd completely out of love of our horses. She has a beautiful shop which you can visit here.

Or check out her Instagram page here