“We have been going for a couple of months now and me and my 7 year old get so much out of seeing Dan and the herd. Dan is so dedicated to his horses and the community of people he shares them with. Horse care based on empathy, respect and communication – some of the qualities most needed in the world and to nurture in our young people. Thanks Dan for always being kind, welcoming and inspiring.”

Helen via facebook

“Dan has a way that makes our young people feel safe emotionally and he involves them in showing care towards the herd. He talks through with the students how the horses are feeling, their previous experiences and almost shows how they too can heal and be different and better. What he has bought to our young people is invaluable not just to these horses he is working with but with the people he introduces to the herd. He brings to society a special something that we really need to sit back and remember.”

Deputy Head, Alternative Provision School, East Sussex

“Had the most beautiful morning here. Dan is inspirational and does this for the highest of reasons. Here you can connect with horses, usually the privilege of the rich, in a lovely setting. I feel peaceful and hopeful that I can help in some way. Good for children as well, and good for the horses. I wish I had found this for when my children were young, they are all grown now, but at least I get to connect with these stunning animals in the kindest way possible for them.”

Laura via facebook

“My son (4yo) and me had one afternoon session with Dan and Herd, he is amazing with children and horses. We absolutely enjoyed the afternoon, my son learned new things and we are looking forward to many more. I’m studying Monty Roberts Horsemanship so I’m really grateful for observation and the chance to learn new skills from Dan during my study. He makes such an amazing job for the herd and also for all of us to be able to experience with our children an amazing day full of relaxation with Dan and Herd. Also it’s affordable as you pay what you can which in the horse industry it’s something special”

Eva via facebook

“I’ve just had a wonderful time with Dan, his volunteers & of course the beautiful herd!!

If you are a horsey person, a non horsey but interested person or maybe you have a child with autism… I beg you to go and see what

Dan is about….. you will definitely learn something!”  

Paula via facebook

“We met Dan and the herd just after lockdown, he and the horses have massively helped my daughter who was struggling in lockdown. Watching her bond with her favourites is a joy to watch. Dan is so kind and understanding and is teaching us so much. Go and visit him and the herd and be part of this awesome community.”

Emma via facebook

“This is absolutely stunning. I had never been there, only online. I cannot believe how absolutely heart-warming and joyous being introduced to these beautiful horses and ponies made me feel. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you”

Liz via facebook