what we do

Equine Welfare & Rehabilitation

  • Our aim is to rehabilitate equines suffering abuse or neglect, those deemed unsafe, suffering from trauma or those referred by owners, keepers and rescue centres.
  • We educate and train equines without force or fear in order to build harmonious relationships with the community herd.
  • We raise awareness of equine welfare, understanding how to work with them and care for them.  Through freedom of choice we are working towards a non forceful future for horses. 

For our community

  • Whilst we are conservation grazing we try to be active in our local community to raise awareness of both conservation grazing and the ethical treatment of horses
  • We run weekend pony walks where we welcome our local community to come and walk with us whilst the horses forage. Come and see how we use consent and kindness with the herd (If there are no events listed that we are currently grazing on land too far from a bridleway or carpark to arrange walks, please do check back or follow us on social media for regular updates)
  • When we can we run Open Days, attend fetes and fairs and hold educational sessions where you can come and learn all about the impact of horses on the land and how the ethical treatment of horses benefits us and them
  • We have volunteering opportunities available for those who would like to join our team

For our young people

  • We provide a welcoming space for children and young adults with emotional, behavioural, mental health and learning difficulties.
  •  We welcome those with autism, ADHD, ASD, PDA, ADD and neuro-diversity
  • We work to develop trusting relationships, build confidence & resilience and deliver a place where everyone can be themselves.
  • We have volunteering opportunites, school visits, ALP sessions and much more

For those who need us

  • Equine assisted healing provides opportunities to rediscover the bond between horse and human, learning how engaging with equines can support emotional and psychological growth
  • Our herd are drawn to our visitors at different times, for different reasons and often with profound effects.